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Areas of Expertise

Evidence assessment

The number of people affected by emergencies is increasing and the gap between needs and funding is widening. Emergency responders need confidence in choosing effective WASH interventions and increased understanding to improve impact and cost-effectiveness yet currently, robust evidence on the efficacy and efficiency of these interventions is lacking. Our systematic reviews with 3ie and the Humanitarian Evidence Programme have specifically addressed this gap by assessing grey literature from NGOs along with published literature to bring transparency and actual field responses into the active discussion of current evidence. 


Program Management

There is no substitute for experience when working in unstable contexts with multicultural teams. We have expertise in specific project management as well as support roles such as: grant writing, logistics, and, human resources. When tough decisions have to be made, we call on more than 10 years of experience from Afghanistan, Haiti, Liberia, Lebanon, Jordan, Nepal, Somalia, and South Sudan. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation activities are a critical part of the management cycle. Our team is experienced in field assessments for WASH, food security and shelter response. Our field evaluations range from Afghanistan, Lebanon, South Sudan and Haiti.  

We've authored two published works from multi-stakeholder evaluations of Chlorine Dispensers used in emergencies and flow-through chlorinators in Haiti, linked below. Additionally, we've authored a number of unpublished NGO evaluations. Contact us for more on these. 

Policy Impact

Our work is aimed to help organizations move beyond the status quo. We focus our work to not only inform managers, but to guide them for the next steps beyond. We are not satisfied with the current state of international response. We as a sector must improve, so we offer our expertise in sharing lessons learned with the global community - through targeted outreach and publishing works so agencies can learn from each other more quickly and efficently.